People (like me) who live alone and must avoid other people because of the Corona virus might be getting bored.

We can only spend so much time on the internet or watching TV.

I’m a bookaholic, and it’s a luxury for me to have hours of uninterrupted time to read books I’ve had on my shelves for years.

But even that isn’t enough to fill up the days.

Here are some other things to do.

We may not want to open windows or stand on balconies to serenade everyone in the neighborhood like people in Italy are doing. (If I tried that my neighbors would probably have their ears poisoned.) But we can sing at home.

And we can play old recordings of music and dance along with it.

If we have any hobbies or projects we haven’t done in a long time we can take those out and revive them.

There may be things we’ve been putting off around our homes or yards, like repairs or yard work. This is a good time to get them done.

Of course we should all be doing deep cleaning now.

And, since we may not be able to go out and shop for food, we can try cooking up some new recipes.

Art is a good way to spend some time, even if we don’t have the talent or materials to do it well. Anyone can use a pen or pencil and some paper – even the back of an envelope – to draw things. We don’t have to let anyone else see them.

As a writer, I know we can always make up stories.

Every story has a main character who wants something badly, but there are obstacles to keep him or her from getting it. The character must try to over come the obstacles – usually there are three. The first attempt doesn’t solve the problem, the second try doesn’t work, but the third one is a success – unless the story is a tragedy.

Those of us who have pets can spend more time than usual snuggling and playing with them.

What else can people do while staying home?

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