My parents were little kids during the Spanish Influenza epidemic. That has made me think about all the plagues and diseases in the history of the world.

In ancient times lots of people didn’t live to adulthood, and the life expectance was much less than it is now.

Of course hundreds of years ago epidemics didn’t spread all over the planet, because way back then people didn’t even know he world was round.

Even a hundred years ago travel wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is now.

But most medicines and medical devices were invented in the last century or two, many even more recently.

And, thanks to modern inventions like the internet, we can share our knowledge all over the world quickly.

Yes, these are scary times, and even after the epidemic is over the economic repercussions will last for quite a while.

But people all over the world are sharing helpful information and showing that we care for each other.

We really are all one family.

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