My publisher, Guardian Angel Publishing, has gone out of business. I have a few copies of my books and will have them available at writers' conferences in the future, or you can contact me directly by sending me a message.

Janet Ann Collins

Slime & All

Lump, a giant worm, wants a friend, but everyone is afraid of him because he's different. What can he do?

Janet Ann Collins

Signs of Trouble

When kids with learning disabilities get separated from their class on a field trip how can they get reunited?

Educational material to help children learn about safety and basic reading skills is included with the story. If you would like me to send you some free cards to download and print to use with the activities go to the Contact Me page and request them. 

Janet Ann Collins

The Peril of the Sinister Scientist

Twelve years ago a scientist tried to make a clone from the blood on the Shroud of Turin. Now he's stalking Joshua. Could Joshua be the clone? When he learns his true identity will it change his life forever?

Janet Ann Collins
Janet Ann Collins

Secret Service Saint

Nicholas was bored until he discovered the adventure of helping people secretly. This picture book is for kids from three to eight years old who love adventure.

Dealing With Different Diets

Free E-book

If you or anyone you know must cope with a special diet for medical reasons this book will give you helpful information on how to do that. For a free copy, email Janet with the subject line titled "Diet"