Staying Positive

With all the people getting sick and dying, businesses going bankrupt, people loosing their jobs, and the nasty politics going on it’s easy to become discouraged and depressed.

But there are lots of good things happening, too.

People all over the world are sharing information to help each other. Nearly everyone is doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus, not only to protect themselves, but to help protect everyone.

Many of us are learning to do tech things like use Zoom that we didn’t use in the past, and we appreciate the modern technology that allows us to stay in touch.

Lots of businesses and organizations are producing products and equipment they never did before to help fight the virus.

While nasty politics is still happening, we’re no longer focused on that as much as we were.

We are learning to appreciate things we used to take for granted.

Since now nearly everyone on our planet shares one concern, perhaps that will help the relationships between cultures and nations to be more positive in the future.

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Janet Ann Collins

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