Getting Used To It

At first while being on “house arrest” because of the Corona Virus, I felt like I was going stir crazy. Walking my dog around the block and going to a store one early morning a week were not enough contact with other people.

But now I’m sort of used to it.

I interact with lots of people on Facebook and have had phone chat’s with lots of old friends and family I hadn’t talked with in a long time.

I’m getting some projects I’ve been putting off done around the house, writing, and reading lots of books that have been unopened on my shelves for years.

Of course, like everyone else, I’m worried about the economy, and hope I don’t get the virus. (I know one person who had it. He’s recovering but still under quarantine.) I miss seeing people in person and being able to go wherever I want.

But I”m taking it one day at a time and enjoying the opportunity to relax and enjoy one day at a time.

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Janet Ann Collins