The Story of the Sacred Pickle

Back when I was a kid, children could go out to play without any adult supervision.

Once, while at a friend’s yard, my neighbor kids and I discovered a door under their front steps that opened to a tiny area. Inside there was no floor and only a single shelf.
On that shelf was a big jar, that had probably held about five gallons. It still contained some liquid and a gigantic pickle covered with fuzzy mold.
It was disgusting!
So we decided to pretend that it was a sacred pickle and, every day, we would spend a few minutes pretending to worship it.
But one day a girl who lived about a block away happened to be with us and she got upset at that game. She was Catholic and said it was wrong to worship anything but God. Even though we told her we were only pretending, she still refused to do it.
Somehow that took all the fun out of the game, so we never went near the pickle again.
My friend moved away a few years later and I never found out what happened to the sacred pickle.
Maybe it’s in pickle heaven.

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Janet Ann Collins