Stick Horse, etc.

For some reason I’ve been thinking about a stick horse I had as a kid. I made it from a broomstick with an old sock stuck on one end. The sock was stuffed and eyes, ears, etc. were partly drawn on and partly made of pieces of fabric glued on. I named the horse Melodiette Pepperminta Blue Harebella Horse and pretended to ride it around outside with my friends, who had their own stick horses.

I also made some dolls by sewing them from fabric, and made doll houses out of boxes for the small furniture and plastic people.

And, of course, I drew and cut out lots of paper dolls and their wardrobes.

The kids in my neighborhood could go out to play without any grown-ups around and we all used sticks as swords or guns, and used our imaginations all the time.

In some ways the world is much better and safer (?) for children today, but it’s a shame kids don’t have the freedom we did.

I hope they still make things and use their imaginations.

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Janet Ann Collins

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