There have been times in history when major epidemics happened, like the Spanish Influenza, Polio and Smallpox.
There have been racial riots before.
There have been nasty politics and major economic problems in the past. 
There have been fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.
Thousands of people have lost jobs, and businesses have become bankrupt in previous times.
But there has never been a time in history until now when all those things happened at once!
What else could possibly go wrong? A volcanic eruption, major earthquake, atomic war, or an invasion by creatures from outer space?
But I still believe there are more good people than bad ones in the world, and lots of the good ones are pitching in to help others.
When all (or most) of these bad things are over I think we’ll all realize that there are MANY more good people and positive events than bad ones in the world. The bad ones get the publicity because they’re unusual.
If the news covered all the nice things people do for each other, those who have and do good jobs, all the beautiful things in our world, etc., etc., etc., daily newspapers would have to be as thick as encyclopedias and news programs would fill the entire day.
In spite of all the bad stuff, we have a lot to be thankful for.

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