Loma Prieta Earthquake

I’ve seen quite a few posts lately about the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. Here’s something to remember about it.

Part of the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and the East Bay and part of the freeway in the collapsed due to the earthquake. It happened during commuting time and, normally, more than 200 cars would have been driving on that par of the freeway and more on the bridge.

I knew several people who ‘should’ have been in one of those places but, due to various unpleasant events, weren’t able to be driving there at the usual time.

Two local teams had made it to the World Series that year, and were playing in San Francisco so hundreds of people who would normally have been commuting had gone to the game instead.

I think of the players in other teams who messed up so their teams lost games and didn’t make it to the World Series that year.

So when bad things happen, we never know if they might be preventing something worse.

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