All the news about people wearing masks because of the corona virus reminded me of the old radio show I used to listen to, The Lone Ranger.

Of course his mask covers the top of his face, not the nose and mouth like the ones people are wearing now do.

But my writerly imagination is acting up again.

What if some disease could also be transmitted through people’s eyes, so we all had to wear sunglasses all the time.

And don’t some doctors wear things that cover their eyes and let them see what the normal human eye can’t?

And what if an army of heroes, wearing that kind of masks and eye coverings were to set out to save the world?

Oh, wait a minute. There are already people doing that. We call them doctors.

Like all the super heroes, they also have sidekicks. We call those nurses, medical technicians and scientists. Even the people who clean and handle paperwork in their offices and facilities are part of their teams.

So let’s cheer for all the heroes and superheroes in the real world today.

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Janet Ann Collins