Fourth of July Appreciation

Where I live, in the Sierra foothills of California, the Fourth of July has always been a big deal. Grass Valley and Nevada City alternate between having the parade, which includes music, floats, lots of groups marching, etc. and reaches for blocks.The Nevada County Fairgrounds has a lot going on all day and a spectacular fireworks show after it gets dark.

This year, because of the Corona Virus, none of those things could happen.

I sadly expected Independence Day to be just another day.

But the police and fire departments of both towns combined to give us a parade after all. The whole parade of their vehicles lined up and blinking lights lasted less than ten minutes, but they drove all over both towns for several hours so people could see them without gathering in crowds.

Then, at night, the fire crew set off fireworks at a highway overpass. It was one of the most spectacular fireworks displays I’ve ever seen.

It was so considerate of those agencies to use provide some celebration for us. It probably cost them quite a bit of money too. Besides buying the fireworks, while being sure their usual services were available, either they had to pay extra for the staff, or those folks donated their time.

I’m so grateful for all the police and fire departments did to be sure we could enjoy The Fourth of July.

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Janet Ann Collins