Don’t Worry

In the last few years people on our planet have experienced gigantic fires, a volcanic eruption, earthquakes, rising oceans, rumors of war and now, a plague of the Corona Virus. Some think we’re living in “end times.”

But there have been disasters as long as humans have lived on Earth, although people usually only knew about those close to where they lived before modern technology connected us all.

Yes, we should get immunizations, prepare for evacuations, etc., etc. But how we live is more important. Let’s love, and help our neighbors when they need it, do our work responsibly, and spend our time focusing on what we have to be grateful for instead of worrying about the future.

After all, most of the major religions in the world teach that people should have integrity (not be phony or dishonest,) compassion (feel with others,) and humility (know our place and not think we’re more important than others.)

So let’s focus on the things that matter instead of worrying about the future.

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Janet Ann Collins