Color Meanings

Color Meanings

It is logical that the color, black, was related to darkness and was used to symbolize fear.

White was obviously only the color of clean things so it symbolized purity.

Red was like fire, or the complexion of an angry person (with fair skin) so it came to represent anger. (I don’t know why Native Americans were called redskins since only people of Anglo-Saxon heritage with high fevers or bad sunburns have red skin.)

Asians have light tan skin. No humans have yellow skin unless they have severe liver jaundice. Maybe that color represents cowardice because people with that illness are weak?

I guess purple represents royalty since purple dye was very expensive and only rich people like kings could have purple clothes.

Green is the color of healthy vegetation. I don’t know why it represents jealousy unless it’s because farmers envied other people’s healthy crops.

But I can’t even guess why blue is supposed to represent sadness. To me, there’s nothing happier than a blue sky or a view of a body of water on a lovely day.
Who had the idea to call sad songs “blues”?

I think blue should represent joy.

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Janet Ann Collins