Children of the World

In Sunday School most kids learn the song about how Jesus loves all the little children of the world. The lyrics help to teach kids not to be prejudiced against others because of their race.

But part of the song, while well meaning, is inaccurate. Humans are not really red, yellow, black and white.

Native Americans do not have red skin. The only truly red skin I’ve ever seen was on people with light colored skin who got severe sunburns.

And Asians are not yellow. The only person with truly yellow skin I’ve seen was of Anglo-Saxon ancestry who was dying with liver jaundice.

I have seen a couple of African and some African-American people whose skin was such a dark mahogany-brown it was almost black, but most African Americans I’ve seen have skin in various shades of brown.

And the only person I’ve ever seen with truly white skin was a little albino girl who happened to be African-American.

Maybe we should change the lyrics of that song to say, “Tan, and brown, and beige and pink, God still loves us when we stink.”

And if we all learn to love each other there will be a lot less stinking in the world.

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Janet Ann Collins

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